RnK is a sports event management agency, specializing in the partial delegated production of very large events and the development of a portfolio of proprietary events around the world.

Problem/Starting Point:

RnK recognized the upcoming Olympic Games taking place in 2024 in Paris as an opportunity to become a strong player on the international sporting events scene. As such, the management team decided to double-down on their efforts to expand their reach, for which they needed a website to showcase their activities and build credibility...

Process & Solutions:

Upon starting the project, the team from RnK had already fully developed the content that they wanted to appear on the website.

As such, the first step was to produce low-fidelity wireframes that helped us visualize the general flow of information that would appear on the finished website. Once complete and validated by the team from RnK, I moved on to building a high-fidelity prototype of the website, aimed at visualizing what the finished website would look like before getting started with development.

The site is very dynamic and features several special effects and animations as users navigate through the content. Integration of the WeGlot plugin also allows users to easily toggle between English & French.

Thanks to Webflow's Editor and CMS, the team from RnK are also able to modify and update all content appearing on the site on their own quickly and very easily.

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