BASWA Acoustic creates solutions that reduce reverberation time in physical spaces, replacing ambient noise and echo with a pleasant environment which promotes family life, learning, work and general health. BASWA's solutions can be found in Swiss households, in the Federal Parliament in Bern, the White House in Washington, at international universities, in famous concert halls and renowned museums, in restaurants and offices throughout Europe, Asia, the USA, in Africa and Australia, in short – all over the world.

Problem/Starting Point:

Following significant organizational shifts, the Baswa Executive Team was keen to spend some time away from the office together receiving inspiration & knowledge from experts in emerging & parallel fields to their own as they began to imagine the company’s future...

Process & Solutions:

Drawing from my 3 years experience at WDHB, an organization that creates experiential learning programs for executives all over the world, I designed a one-day program, in partnership with 2 friends of mine (one an ex-colleague from WDHB who also had experience designing similar events), which featured activities that would both stimulate the group intellectually as well as bring them closer together as a group. The first half of the day featured keynote presentations from 4 speakers that spoke on a variety of topics that deeply intrigued the group. Once the presentations were complete, we organized a delicious catered lunch for everyone (including the guest speakers) before sending the group out in small teams on an interactive city tour organized entirely from-scratch by our team. Everyone returned smiling from ear to ear... we greeted them with snacks and refreshments, which continued into an entire night of celebration together. Needless to say, the event was a huge success!

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